Cataract Management

The diagnosis of visually significant cataracts typically occurs during your comprehensive eye exam. The doctors at DeMers Family Vision Group bring years of experience in cataract surgery co-management with the local cataract surgeons in our community. Our doctors pride themselves on educating their patients about each step of the cataract surgery process. This includes understanding the focus of your visual system and how it can change with cataract surgery, the identification of any co-existing eye disease that could impact your outcome, as well as caring for you throughout the post-operative period.

Once visually significant cataracts develop, it can be a once in a lifetime opportunity to improve your vision and at the same time help lessen your dependence on glasses. When a cataract is surgically removed, it is replaced with an intraocular lens implant. Modern intraocular lens implants contain amazing optical technology that can help focus your vision in the distance and for reading. The discussion about your candidacy for these type of lens implants begins with your doctor at DeMers Family Vision Group and will continue with the surgeon at your first evaluation with them.

Cataract surgery is the most commonly performed surgery in the United States and has a very low complication rate due to the technology that is used during surgery and the surgical skills that our surgeons have developed. Here at DeMers Family Vision Group, we look forward to guiding you through this process in the same way we would do for any of our friends and family members.