Ocular Emergencies

At Demers Family Vision Group we strive to meet the needs of our patients relating to routine eye care as well as situations requiring more immediate attention. We accommodate more urgent needs with same day appointments as well as after-hours evaluation when necessary. Some of the following situations would be examples of ocular emergencies needing urgent/immediate evaluation:

  •  Sudden Vision Loss – partial, complete or dim vision.

  • Severe Eye Pain – related to injury or non-injury
  • Post-operative complications including severe pain, diminished vision, fever or discharge.
  • Neurologic changes such as double vision, sudden eye turn, eyelid droop or paralysis
  • Possible infections with or without discharge, light sensitivity, pain, blurred vision (Contact lens wearers and non-wearers)

Our kind and knowledgeable staff are trained to facilitate scheduling more urgent appointments. If you believe you have a true ocular emergency, our “after-hours” phone line will get you directly to one of our doctors.