Large Eye Glass Frames Showroom

The new location at DeMers Family Vision Group has 1,800 frames in our showroom. Whether you are looking for a designer frame or an economical priced frame we have frames for everyone!

When you need vision correction, eyeglasses are a great way to do it. They come with a lot of important benefits and they often look great when you wear them. Many patients love the way glasses look and there are many things to look for to ensure that they look great on you. When you know how to choose the perfect glasses, it makes the whole process easier. When it's time for you to get your eye exam for your next pair of glasses, contact DeMers Family Vision Group. Let’s look at a few things to consider when choosing eyeglasses.

The Color of Your Frame

One important aspect of picking the best eyeglasses is to assess the color of the frame and make sure that color complements your coloring. The frame need to go well with your hair color as well as your skin color. When the colors harmonize properly, the glasses will look natural on your face and complement your own good looks. When you're choosing your eyeglasses, choose a few colors and hold the frame up to your hair and your skin to assess how well they go together. When you have excluded certain colors, it makes it easier for you to choose your frame.

The Shape of Your Frame

Just as with the color of your frame, their shape needs to be assessed and chosen carefully. The best shape for you will be one that helps your face to appear more like an oval, the ideal shape of a face. The shape should also help you balance your features so that your entire face is more harmonious. When you begin, pay attention to what your face's shape is, and then choose a pair of frames that have a complementary shape.

For instance, if you have a square face, a pair of round glasses may soften the angles and make your face look more rounded. As with choosing the best color, choosing the frame can be done by trying on a few different shapes and excluding the ones that don't work well with your face shape. How wide the frames are is also a consideration, as it can help create balance on your face. If you have a large chin, for instance, wearing glasses frames that are wide can create a better balance.